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Being guided to a safe state of deep comfort is a sensation

I describe as being nested in a cloud of pure self-nurturing.

All tension in the mind and body is released.

This is a class for those who are physically or mentally fatigued.

There is only ease, peace, and deep comfort.

This is a group 90 minute quiet session that helps to bring

you back to balance by consciously entering

a state of deep comfort for the body, mind, and spirit.

The deeper the state of relaxation you can achieve the more you can positively impact your wellbeing in daily life.

Being able to experience deep comfort nourishes and replenishes

you holistically so you can feel more vibrant in your everyday life.


Reduce Anxiety

Stress in our daily life has a compounding effect, often you can feel it physically building in the body.

By accessing a state of deep comfort you can reduce the stress hormones in your body. 

Replenish energy

The feeling of tiredness, exhaustion, or lethargy that you have can be shifted when you are guided to a safe place of deep comfort for a prolonged period of time. 

Improve relationships

Creating a foundation of balance from a place of deep comfort, you help you ease the tension and create space in your daily life. That helps slow your reactions when challenges arise in your day.


Are you ready to give yourself a break from the repetitive thought loops that play over and over in your mind every single day?

What if you could consciously create a new pattern, a story that takes you to a place of more comfort and more ease in your daily life?

Release yourself from tension, discomfort, and fatigue by accessing the deep comfort state,  get involved in your own healing, and create a new habit of deep self-care.