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A R L A I S 

 :/~ meaning   "from the temple within" 


A fleeting thought becomes a whisper, which becomes a stirring within,

that becomes a calling to find what you know has been missing

from your life for too long now. 


You have felt it haven't you?

You feel the rising desire for more adventure, more learning, more passion, for so much more soul.
A yearning that knots within, a yearning to share the deep learnings that life has bestowed upon you,
yet a hunger to still dive deeper - that was me, that is me.  
That is why ARLAIS is here.  We are going on a soul adventure, together.


It is a commune of curious conversations about

the art & alchemy of life.


About botanicals, breathwork & books.  Conscious kindness, connection & creating abundance, the environment, explorations of past lives & education.  There are words spoken of friendships, freedoms, finding the light & tantalisingly tasty food.  We gluten-free while ascending up to hope, history, happiness & heart opening healings, intuition, love & letting go.  We speak & seek magic, mythology & miracles, imaginings,  potions, possibilities & perfect moments.
Conversations of courage, of taboos, teas, tinctures, rituals, full moons, new moons, rising moons & moons of note, of movement, mindfulness, burning desires, organics & orgasms, surrender, spiritual journeys & serenity, travels, tarot & totems, the opening & closing of chapters, aromatherapy, apothecary, the wilful of heart & wellbeing, about the intricacies & wilding adventures we are yet to take, possibly, hopefully together.


It is the lessons of life that we have held quietly, the conversations that come
after you have exhaled the breath that was held for too many years.  It is in this place, this space that we invite you to take your seat at the table to contribute to the growth of your soul & our community with the learnings, life has imparted upon you.

This is your invitation to grow into, what it is your soul is calling for. 

So fill your glass, find your seat & let us share stories
so that our hearts can be full & our souls can be free.
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