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Joy is our road through, our freedom, and in many ways our hope. Yet to build this rising we need to be able to identify what joy is and then be open to sharing it.


The Collective JOY Challenge has been created to inspire you to witness the joy you experience in your day-to-day life and to share with others what you have found, where you have found it and the little life recipe they might need to do the same.


A collective of joy. A community that witnesses the heart of its happenings and shares it for all to draw upon when they feel their reserves might be shallowing.


A practice such as this becomes a ritual. 

It takes on a special place in your day to day life when you are sharing your joy there is a part of you that knows you are helping lift someone else's spirit and then when your reserves are running low it is there to support you in a humble yet very honest way.


From August 1 - August 30, you will experience the humble daily practice of giving and receiving collective joy from the other Arlais challenge participants.

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