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This mindful awareness reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, chronic pain and insomnia.

Meditation is about finding a still inner point from which you can look at the world in a different way and discover a fresh, new perspective on your life.

You'll discover powerful breathing techniques (pranayama), kriyas and concentration techniques. 


Finding Calm.

A course for Parents + Children to learn meditation.

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Finding Calm - A 4 week course in the How + Why of Meditation 

There is a quiet soul filling joy that floods your body when you see your child meditating.

A sense of gratitude to the universe for the peace they have learnt to take themselves into which becomes their own Practice.

Arlais is excited to deliver a course to teach both you as a parent and your child the practice of meditation. 

The course is designed to start at the very beginning, learning to understand how we create millions of thoughts each and every day.

Then how we go about processing and reacting to them. What is a reaction without thought and what is an action by choice.

It will help teach children how to feel calmer and to create space between their thoughts and subsequent actions.

The course is designed to teach in gentleness both a parent and a child so that not only can you see your child in this beautiful way, they can see you, be with you and experience you in a state of meditation. 

Meeting each other in a space that life sometimes doesn't create room for in the rush of day to day living.

This becomes a life skill for our children as much as it is for ourselves.  


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