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Reformer Pilates

All reformer Pilates work programmed is created on the principles of pilates - working through the core and the entire body.

During your 1 hour session we incorporate the Reformer to condition the body using the resistance of the reformer springs to elongate the muscle, build core strength, gain flexibility & tone the whole body.


Jumpboard Reformer

Jumpboard on the Reformer is designed for dynamic cardio that focuses on core endurance. Jumpboard is incorporated into your Personal Program to assist you to work through the whole body while challenging your cardio fitness.

This is a fun movement that will help build stamina and endurance. 


Barrel, Tower & Reformer

Working with the Barrel, Tower and Reformer we work to incorporate stretching, stability work, and endurance.


The Barrel, Tower, and Reformer combination focuses on technique.

Each piece of equipment offers challenging yet rewarding movement.


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