Intro Reformer Pilates

To ensure you get maximum benefit & we keep you safe the intro class is the first place to start. It is compulsory prior to commencing your reformer sessions.

The intro class is a one on one, which will take you through a Health History so we understand your body and how best to work with you in class.

You will then go through the five principles of Pilates followed by the Reformer setup basics.

This will give you an insight into how to use the reformer to develop your core strength across your classes so that when you come in for your next session you feel at ease. 

Intro Refomer Pilates  $32


Reformer Pilates

All reformer classes are created on the principals of pilates - working through the core and the entire body.

Each class is 60 mins of body conditioning using the resistance of the reformer springs to elongate the muscle, build core strength, gain flexibility & tone the whole body.

Reformer Pilates  $32


Jumpboard Reformer

Jumpboard on the Reformer is a dynamic cardio class that focuses on core endurance. This 45 minute class will work through the whole body while challenging your cardio fitness.

This is a fun class that will help build stamina and endurance. 

Jumpboard Reformer $28


Barrel, Tower & Reformer

Is a 45 minute class working from the Barrel,Tower and Reformer.

This class incorporates stretching, stability work and endurance.


Barrel, Tower and Reformer is a technical class that flows throughout the 45 minutes to ensure a challenging yet rewarding workout is achieved.

Barrel,Tower and Reformer  $28


Circuit Class

The circuit class incorporates exercises using 4 stations , the mat , the reformer , the tower, and the barrel.  Clients will complete a set of exercises at one station before moving onto the next. You will learn to move with efficiency and control, and stability when needed.  We will incorporate movements to strengthen and challenge  the whole body , mobilize the spine and pelvis, and  stretch the whole body.  Modifications and challenges will be added , depending on your needs . 


Pregnancy Reformer Pilates

This class focuses on movements that are complimentary to the changes that are happening in your body. We add modifications or challenges where needed , depending on each clients capacity to move.  The class starts with a focus on breathing and mobilization of the spine , ribs and pelvis , then moves on to strengthen legs, glutes , arms and abdominals , we will also incorporate stretches that will address areas of tightness that can occur when pregnant.


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