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Fitness on Yoga Mat

About Arlais

Arlais means "From the temple within"  

This is where your journey to wellness begins, make this moment the one you decide to go all in on your wellness. To go for it, to live differently, to feel good, to start here, and to start now.

Your decision in this moment to reach for the life you want, the life that is waiting for you,

is the first step on the path to wellness.

Your Arlais In Studio or Virtual Classes will nurture your body, feed your soul and nourish your mind.


Arlais is a Wellness Studio created for People 40+ who want to start moving,

or start moving again so that you can feel more connection to:

  • Your pelvic floor

  • Feel more vibrant

  • Gain muscle tone

  • Release stuck energy

  • Calm and balance your nervous system

All while you are working on your wellness at a level that is right for you. 

Use your 4 Class Virtual Pass for classes that can be mixed modality, or if you prefer a single modality such as:


  • Mat Pilates

  • Reformer Pilates

  • Stretching

  • Meditation

  • Yoga


Arlais Virtual Wellness Studio is dedicated to helping women who want to start their wellness journey, to regain their spark, you know the one, that soul fire that used to feel like it burned so brightly the stars and the moon knew your name. Live Virtual so that YOU choose the time that works for YOU, from the comfort and privacy of your own home or holiday destination. Being a Live Virtual student means you NEVER have to miss a class, as long as you have phone or computer access because consistency is key to creating the feeling in your body you are looking for


The short answer is Live Virtual Classes for Consistency + Accountability + Connection.



Pilates Mat or Reformer movement helps you experience your mind, body, and soul connection like new ways. You will gain invaluable insights, lean into wellness and move your body in ways you have never experienced before, so that you can reconnect to the spark within you.  


Stretching is support for your growth. It is a way for you to release stuck energy and a key component of your wellness. Wellness is far more than just yoga. Arlais offers one on one virtual classes that will help you to start or stay on track with your wellness goals.

Mixed modality classes offer you a completely unique class that draws on Pilates, Breathwork, Meditation, Barre, Yoga, and Fascia Release.

Breathwork and Meditation are an excellent help support for your nervous system and are helpful in times of high stress or life change. If you have trouble sleeping then our Sleep Soundly Method is for you.

The Movement you experience in the Arlais Virtual Studio is low impact and formulated on the principles of each movement modality be it Pilates, Yoga, Barre, Zenga or Meditation making them suitable for people of most ages and fitness levels.

Wellness is not movement alone, nor diet, nor positive thinking.

Wellness is an aligned harmonious state of being. 

When we focus too much time and energy in one place we feel imbalanced.

My personal goal is to help people learn how to achieve wellness for themselves.

Your journey to wellness is filled with soul adventures, you are invited to listen to the Podcast stay connected via the blog, try Seasonal Journaling, or find out more about the Arlais Wonderland Retreat. When you become a student here in Studio or in the virtual studio you will grow and learn, and connect to the adventure that a wellness lifestyle offers you.

You will start to experience the spark of life from the temple within again.

To book your class In Studio or Virtually click here


My Story

For me, wellness started with just one conversation. 

Movement has been in my world since I was a little girl. I would go to the gym with my dad and follow him around talking while he did his weights workout. I did my first aerobics class at his gym when I was 12 years old. I think he booked that class for me so he could workout in peace and quiet.. It still makes me smile!

Honestly I didn't love that class, not only was I uncoordinated, I felt awkward and out of place, what I did connect with was both the challenge and the feeling of satisfaction that came over me when I finished the class without quitting. 

What I have learnt is that movement alone is not wellness. 

So many of the women I have met through wellness have lived years and years of their life wanting to create change.

Sometimes not even really knowing what that change is, yet they feel stuck in a cycle of seeking, starting then stopping. Then a feeling of failure settles and it becomes harder to say yes to starting another quest toward wellness. They have been left exhausted, confused and feeling flat, in some cases they have completely lost motivation and even worse, hope that vibrant wellness is available for them to live in their daily life.

Wellness is so much more than the Yoga Asana you are seeing on social media, it is a way of life that requires you to live, experience and honour the gift of your life from your soul. Exploring how to live from your soul is a beautiful adventure, it is the real quest and it's available to us all.

I am a Mumma and Daughter who is middle-aged and knows that if you have someone in your life to show you what you can do, to show you how to do it, and to share with you why -  the quest to wellness becomes more fun and your life changes for the better.


I am so passionate about reaching women who don't know where or how to start on their way to living a life of wellness. I am committed to sharing valuable information, helpful resources and the experts that will help women experience their own vibrant wellness.  


It is possible, I am here to guide and support you, as you explore how to experience living vibrant wellness everyday

from your temple within.  

To book your personal class please click here


Bec x

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