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Movement + Wellness studio


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This is where your Personal Wellness Journey Starts.










About Arlais Wellness

Arlais means "From the temple within"  

This is where your journey to wellness begins, when it begins is up to you.


Taking the path to wellness will feed your soul, nourish your body and clear the brain fog that has had you second guessing yourself for years.

Arlais Virtual Wellness Studio is dedicated to helping women who want to start their wellness journey, to regain their spark, you know the one, that soul fire that used to feel like it burned so brightly the stars and the moon knew your name.


Here you will experience your mind, body, and soul connection like never before. You will gain invaluable mindset insights, learn from wellness masterclasses and move your body in ways you have never experienced before, so that you can reconnect to the spark within you.  


Support for your growth and change is a key component of our Virtual Wellness Studio is support. Wellness is far more than just yoga. The Studio has one on one virtual classes and planning sessions available that will help you keep focus on the wellness goals, and outcomes you want to experience living every single day. 

The Movement you experience in the Arlais Virtual Studio is formulated on the principles of each movement modality be it Pilates, Yoga, Barre, Qi Gong, Zenga or Meditation making them suitable for people of most ages and fitness levels.

Wellness is not one thing in isolation.

Wellness is not just movement alone,

nor diet alone,

nor just positive thinking.

Wellness is an aligned harmonious state of being. 

When we focus too much time and energy

in one place we feel imbalance.

My personal goal is to help women learn how

to achieve wellness for themselves in their

everyday lives.

Your journey to wellness is filled with soul adventures, while you are here in the virtual studio to grow and learn, it's also nice to connect. Knowing that there are other people like you who are exploring their way to living their everyday wellness is comforting. Having a community of people to share your soul adventures with, who also share theirs with you, really opens up a deeper sense of understanding for it all.

I can't wait for you to experience your own journey to wellness.

Bec xx


Copy of Arlais logo-2.png
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Love, love, love it !!! 

Thanks Bec for the wonderful positive addition to my day.


Thank you Bec for another awesome session. I felt so energised I went for a 30 min walk afterwards. I am feeling my posture change and my core strengthen. I am relearning to walk looking at my world head on instead of head down and can breathe again. Thank you so much for being the beautiful you and opening your studio.


Thank you so much for the amazing weekend at your Desire Mapping Workshop.  I cannot thank you enough - I walked in not expecting to learn the things I did and have already started to manifest my desires!